Borina publishing house




BORINA Publishing House was founded in 1990 by Vera Kandzheva and Antony Khandzhiski. She publishes luxury illustrated books in Bulgarian and foreign languages ​​for Bulgaria and her contribution to the construction of European civilization.

Books that in a unique way reveal Bulgaria’s indisputable affiliation with Europe and the eternal aspiration of Bulgarians to assert themselves on the troubled land of the Balkans. The dignified presentation of the Bulgarian nature, history, Christian art and cultural traditions, as well as the magnificent printing performance, make these editions an appropriate souvenir when traveling abroad and welcoming guests here. A souvenir that long after the moment of the gift reminds the one who gave it and the company or institution that manages and represents it.

Each of these books is an exciting journey through the magnificent nature of Bulgaria, its remarkable cultural and historical monuments and the preserved rituals and customs throughout the centuries. Some of the books have been published in eight languages ​​(including Japanese).